Figgerits Level 358 Answers

Please find below all Figgerits Level 358 Answers, Cheats and Solutions. This is one of the most popular games developed by Hitapps Inc which is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you are stuck with this specific level you don’t have to worry because we have shared the solutions below. Figgerits is an exciting logic puzzle game where you have to find all the hidden words by the given word meanings and definitions. For other Figgerits Answers and Solutions head over to our homepage.

Figgerits Level 358 Answers



Definition & Words

  • He fought tooth and ___
  • Hidden in ___ sight
  • Water ice
  • Cultivated cereal used as food
  • Anyone can ___ nonsense. Say something smart
  • Courageous determined brave
  • When two commercial companies become one
  • ___ of Eden
  • To complain
  • Derogatory mocking disparaging (adj.)
  • Northernmost region of Earth
  • It rained and thundered on that ___ night
  • Transparent glossy hard coating
  • Pass me the ___ I want to change the channel
  • Demonstration of approval after a performance
  • Sweet food made of beaten egg whites and sugar
  • The diplomats were declared ___ non gratae
  • Strong (plural) ___ prevented the ship from arriving on time
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